Meet a New Member of our Senior Management Team: Steve Morris

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Mr Morris joined Shrewsbury Riverside as Assistant Principal (Junior School) from his previous role at Harrow Shanghai as Head of Lower School and whole school Deputy Head. While he has a background in European Law, he has more than 15 years of experience in teaching and educational leadership. He has a Masters degree in Education and a National Professional Qualification for Headteachers which have enabled him to create a positive impact in his roles.  

“My undergraduate studies of European Law at Warwick (including a year spent studying in Germany), postgraduate study and early professional life were the platform for qualification as a lawyer. This served to galvanise my resolve to pursue a more impactful, positive professional purpose. In embracing the challenge, variety and rewards of a career in education, I completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Modern Foreign Languages) at Liverpool Hope University before spending 10 years in the classroom, teaching at three schools with very different pedagogies and values. I enjoyed the role of Assistant Head during the latter five years of this period, also obtaining a Masters in Education during this time. 

I embraced Headship on gaining my National Professional Qualification for Headteachers (NPQH) and spent three fulfilling years leading a UK primary school. In pursuit of professional ambition within the independent, international sector, I catalysed a significant number of improvements at Harrow Shanghai, as Head of Lower School and whole school Deputy Head. 

At present, I envisage taking great pride in helping lead Shrewsbury, a school which is internationally recognised as one of the very best in Asia. This role will combine greater access to the students with the development of increased awareness of how to upscale leadership of larger schools. 

It is fundamentally important to respect, value and empower each student: concurrently emboldening existing strengths as a platform to excellence and a catalyst of inspiration to others: this alongside a commitment to nurturing each student's courage and zest for embracing a range of broad and challenging opportunities, though which they will discover new strengths. 

It is important to nurture students' reasoning and critical thinking skills. Knowledge is readily accessible in modern society and whilst we must ignite that thirst for information and knowledge, our leaders of the future will be distinguished by their ability to think independently and creatively.

As a leader, I value a strong culture of positive mental health as a platform to personal and professional happiness. Integral to this is an acknowledgment and respect of difference, safeguarding of inclusion and recognition of the richness of community this brings.

I will be leading a Fascinating Facts YouTime across Junior School. I additionally look forward to becoming involved with the many physical and sporting opportunities offered at Shrewsbury.

My family, wife Helen and daughters Jessica (Year 7) and Pippa (Year 5), join me in Thailand. We enjoy eating out together, hotel stays and meeting friends so we are ready to embrace the food and friendliness of Thailand!

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