A talented group of Shrewsbury’s Year 12 Physics students took part in the renowned ‘British Physics Olympiad’ (BPhO) in January, in a special online competition. We’re now thrilled to report a staggering haul of medals: 18 in total; 3 Gold, 6 Silver and 9 Bronze. 

The BPhO is led by Physics academics from a range of prestigious schools and universities, including ‘The University of Oxford’ and ‘The University of Cambridge’. It’s a voluntary examination, structured in a competitive format, and taken by students around the world. 

Aimed at those already studying for their A-Level examinations, the competition provides an excellent tool to assess and challenge students’ ability to work at a high level in Key Stage 5 and beyond - and as a well known and respected challenge amongst leading international academics, it is also an exciting opportunity for future scientists to showcase their problem solving skills on a global platform, applying fundamental physical principles to novel situations.

Typically, the style of questions is far more advanced than students at this level will be acquainted with and any certificate of completion is fantastic to hold for those applying to prestigious universities around the world; holding a medal in the bronze, silver or especially gold category is an astounding achievement and puts Shrewsbury students in the top tier percentage of global participants. 

A huge congratulations to all Shrewsbury students who took part in this year’s British Physics Olympiad, and a special mention to our gold medal winners, pictured above; Anecha Leenahwattana, Ashiraya Laisathit and Phuttiteela Vanichayangkuranont.

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