As Christmas approaches, the Shrewsbury community has enjoyed a series of activities that brought natural sparkle to the end of a hectic term.

Music played a central part in proceedings, with the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ musical showcase premiering on YouTube every evening from the run-up to the end of term. Each morning, Christmas busking was on offer to provide an undeniably Christmassy feel to the mundane but necessary ATK test and temperature checking at the Flagpole gate.

A more festive cheer came from a world-famous Darwin lecture guest for December. An interview with Welsh operatic superstar Sir Bryn Terfel was led by Paul Archibald, Rowena Calvert and a group of brilliant young musicians from Prep and Senior - Gene, Joy, Mos, Tim, Natsha. To view this activity, please visit the @shbriverside Facebook page, where you can watch the stream.

Meatloaf.jpgThere were plenty of reminders that Christmas is a time for giving and considering those less fortunate than ourselves. The Christmas Wish List for our Outreach partners saw families and staff donate hundreds of much-needed items for our Outreach partners; several hundred toys, books, a selection of food and treats, kitchen equipment, rice cookers and even some children’s bicycles were donated by our hugely generous community. On the 14th of December, Mr Threlfall, Harry and Rhys, our gap students, played Santa’s helpers as they dispatched the gifts to the Hub Saidek, Good Shepherd Foundation, Mercy Centre and Thai Scholars of Sustenance.

“Activities like The Christmas Wish list are so important because they ensure we continue to make a personal connection with our Outreach partners, despite the pandemic challenges,” said Mr Threlfall, Head of Outreach.

Forming part of this special delivery was a collection of beautifully wrapped shoeboxes filled with toys and valuable items to be given as presents for the young people for use at the Hub. This appeal was the brainchild of Year 12 student Amélie Stewart of 12JC as part of her Community Engagement Team (CET) action plan for 2021/22. We are thrilled to inform you that this initiative has been an overwhelming success and will go a long way to support young people living on the streets, making them feel cared for this Christmas.

To amplify the Christmas spirit further, underprivileged children from our wider Outreach community sent us ‘letters to Santa’. These were responded to by ‘Chief Elf’ and gap student Mia, who sent back a collection of gifts for the children at The Good Shepherd Sisters and The Mercy Centre.

Additionally, a range of beautiful Christmas cards designed by students across the school proved so popular that they were completely sold out in just one week, raising more money for the Outreach fund.

Thank you for your generosity and a very merry Christmas on behalf of our Outreach partners and the entire school community!

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