Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Alumni Association: Activities and Benefits

Activities and Benefits

  • Invitation to our annual SISBAA Reunion Party

  • Invitation to global alumni reunions

  • Access to an active online community

  • Alumni eNews

  • Involvement with events and projects at the school

What we are currently offer

  • Provides the center for point of contact to Shrewsbury Alumni.

  • SISBAA facilitates networking (personally & professionally) and opportunities to make connections amongst alumni.

  • SISBAA helps to organise both reunion and sports events annually.

  • Access to Newsletters

  • Facebook Group and LinkedIn Group

  • Alumni are able to stay connected with their school and have a sense of pride due to the good reputation of Shrewsbury.

Upcoming benefits

  • Reunions and other events in your area of the world.

  • Access to private online information regarding SHB alumni (Alumni directory)

Want to get in touch? You can contact us here.

Get in touch

+ 66 2 675 1888