Our Mission

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Alumni Association (SISBAA) was founded in 2011. Its mission is to create and re-inforce a lifelong between the school and our growing community of former students, and to facilitate professional, intellectual and social conntections and opportunities.

Activities and Benefits

No matter how long you are with us at Shrewsbury, membership to SISBAA provides you with an opportunity to build on contacts, achievements and friendships that you made here, and to be an active lifelong member of a truly global community.

Every year, we organize a range of reunion events, including a sports tournament at school, and social gatherings both in Bangkok and beyond.  In addition, alumni organize informal gathering in major cities around the world, whilst Senior Leaders, Alumni Relations Team and Higher Education advisors are always keen to catch up with former students on their regular visits to universities in the UK, US and elsewhere.

SISBAA will help facilitate networking opportunities for you, both personally and professionally.  As a member of our uniquely powerful network, you will be able to benefit from the expertise and advice of fellow alumni, as well as Shrewsbury’s own careers advisors; connections which can help to forge new career and business opportunities for our members.

Stay Connected: stay in touch with old friends and make new connections in our active online community, and at alumni reunions, school events and exclusive networking functions around the world

Stay Supported: access to Shrewsbury’s career advice service and the support of the wider SISBAA community

Be Rewarded: enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts with your SISBAA membership card

Find out more and get involved at SISBAA Official Website.

Get in touch

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