Our Approach

Our Approach

At Shrewsbury, our Early Years pedagogy and practice is inspired by The Reggio Emilia Approach which is blended to fit with the UK Government's Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 

The Reggio Approach is based on 7 principles:

1. Children are capable of constructing their own learning. 

They have ingrained and natural interests that both inspire them to learn and construct the best way to learn on their own.

2.Community is important and children learn by collaborating with their communities. 

At Shrewsbury, we structure our projects around small groups so that our children can interact with each other and see each other as peers and active members of the community.

3. Humans are natural communicators and children should be encouraged to express themselves. 

We recognise that children are natural communicators and must be encouraged to communicate using a wide variety of experiential activities. Our culturally and linguistically diverse staff are able to address the key development area by engaging children's interests.

4. The environment is the third teacher and must be enriching and supportive. 

Our team intentionally makes use of natural furnishings as this ensures the classroom, shared areas and outdoor spaces are carefully integrated whilst encouraging real-life interactions. The Early Years environment is carefully designed as a focal point of our prime riverside, city centre location. 

5. Teachers are partners, nurturers and guides to help children explore their interests through projects. 

Our team plays numerous roles which includes observing the children whilst also questioning and maximising opportunities to encourage further exploration of their interests.

6. A child’s learning must be documented. Our team makes the best use of modern technology to document the progress of our children. 

The portfolio, which is shared with parents as co-educators, serves to document the educational journey of each child. 

7. Parental participation is vital. Just like teachers, Shrewsbury recognises that parents are partners in their child's education. 

We constantly invite parents to play an active role in their child’s learning experiences. 

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