A range of scholarships and awards are available to Senior School students at our Riverside Campus. These are awarded to students who display outstanding talent in a range of disciplines.

A general description of some of the awards on offer at Riverside is provided below. To find our more, visit the scholarships page of the Riverside website.

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholars are outstanding individuals who show excellence and consistency in their academic endeavours. In addition applicants should be inquisitive, committed to learning and possess an open mind. Applicants will be required to sit an examination in each of the four subjects that they intend to study at A Level and participate in interviews with senior school leaders. 

Art Scholarships

Art Scholars are able to demonstrate outstanding talent as well as a strong interest in Art. The ideal candidate is a creative risk-taker who shows a willingness to be challenged. Applicants should be enthusiastic and productive as evidenced by their portfolio which should contain drawings that are from direct observation, as well as other work. During the interview, candidates should be able to discuss their awareness of a range of artists and talk about any visits they have made to galleries and exhibitions.

Drama Scholarships

Drama Scholars have a passion for the world of theatre and the performing arts, proven through performing experience and regularly seeing live theatre. It is expected that a Drama scholar will study AS and A Level Drama. They will also fully participate in the Drama Excellence Programme which stages three productions throughout the academic year. The ability to take on leading roles is expected, but they will also be able to demonstrate excellence as an ensemble performer or take a leading role as part of the production team.  Candidates will be asked to perform a two-minute monologue of their own  choice. They will then be asked questions on their performance and understanding of the performed extract and play text. 

Music Scholarships

Our Music Scholars are the backbone of the Music Excellence Programme and are therefore expected to represent the very highest standards in terms of ability and commitment. Our Music Scholars will demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for what they do and set an excellent example both within school and in the wider community. 

Sir Martin Rees Scholarships 

These are awarded to students already attending Shrewsbury International School to reward those who achieve outstanding results in GCSE and IGCSE examinations.

Sir David Lees Scholarships

These Honorary Scholarships are awarded to students after they have graduated from Shrewsbury International School to reward those who achieve outstanding results in A Level examinations.

Full details of the entry criteria for all scholarships can be found on the Riverside Campus website.

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