Throughout their time at Shrewsbury, all students are given opportunities to develop important leadership skills, both in the classroom and beyond.

By taking on the challenges of leadership, students develop important life attributes such as resilience, assertiveness, creative problem solving, teamwork and ability to inspire others. Involving students in service and charitable activities also allows them to understand their potential and responsibility to make positive change to the lives of others, and to embody the school value of Care and Compassion.
Leadership is a key theme of residential trips, charity and community work and throughout our Co-Curricular programme.

There are a variety of informal and formal leadership roles and committees which give students a voice in the way the school is run, to represent the views of the student body, to make the school a better, happier place, and to act as positive role models in the community. These include:

House Captains and Deputies: Appointed as leaders for the school’s six Houses, the House Captains coordinate House-led initiatives and are the driving force behind preparations and performance at major inter-house events. These events require a significant amount of teamwork and dedication from all House Members (of different ages), and the House Captains must serve as decision-makers, creative problem solvers and role models, with the ability to inspire their fellow housemates to collective success.

School Council: An appointed committee that seeks to address and change day to day issues, raised by students, from around the school.

Peace Ambassadors: A forum for students who feel passionately about tolerance, justice and peace. Over the course of the year they will be involved with a variety of enrichment activities, designed to develop their leadership, diplomacy skills and emotional intelligence.
Leaders and the Day, and Class, library and playground monitors: Students develop leadership skills in the sphere of their own classroom, or important community domains of the playground or library.

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