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“Early Years are perhaps the most crucial time in a child's development because this period lays the foundations for the child's learning and wellbeing throughout their life.”
Fiona is passionate about providing the right conditions for children to learn and believes that our Early Years facilities coupled with its pasionate, informed educators does exactly that.


  • Fiona has been an Early Years and Primary educator for over 26 years.

  • She has 15 years of leadership experience in the UK and has been doing so for over 6 years right here in Thailand with Shrewsbury.

  • Throughout this time, Fiona has put children right at the centre of all decision making.

  • She received her teaching qualifications from the University of Leeds and her National Professional Qualification for Headteachers from the UK Department of Education.

  • A former UK teacher Governor, Fiona continues to work closely with the Governors of Shrewsbury City Campus to ensure that Child Protection and Safeguarding is paramount.


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“Early Years is a magical place that creates awe and wonder in children, activating their own desire to lead their learning.”
As an educator, Catherine Okill believes that an outstanding Early Years education is crucial.

When children thrive in Early Years, they develop the cognitive, social and emotional,

and physical skills they need to take them through a successful and purposeful education, allowing them to become lifelong learners.


  • Catherine has been an Early Years and Primary educator for 25 years.

  • She has spent the last 10 years leading and developing the Early Years at Shrewsbury Bangkok.

  • Catherine was part of the pre-operating team, moving over from Shrewsbury Riverside to set up and develop the Early Years at City Campus.

  • She received her teaching qualifications from the University College London and continues to develop professionally, making professional links with international schools across Bangkok and Asia.

  • Catherine is a strong believer in stepping out of her comfort zone and thrives when taking risks. This certainly filters into her pedagogy and she encourages children, parents and staff to become confident risk takers.


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“Never underestimate a 2-year-old. A child who feels safe, is heard, is seen, and is valued will reach for their dreams and thrive.”

As an educator, Danielle Devanny believes that every child matters.

Every child has the right to a safe, inspiring, fun, language-rich environment to develop their innate curiosity about the world.

Building the blocks for a strong and lasting foundation.



  •  Danielle has been an Early Years and Primary educator for over 12 years.

  • Danielle has led, developed and created inspiring Early Years settings in international schools around the world.

  • She is a team leader here at Shrewsbury City campus and launched our successful Nursery in 2021.

  • She received her 4-year teaching degree from Margaret McMillians, Bradford and is motivated to research and implement the best practices for early childhood development.

  • Danielle loves and appreciates quality time with her family which influences her dreams and creativity.




As an Early Years educator, Jessica Reeves believes that thoughtful and meaningful play experiences are the key to supporting children in their early stages of learning.

She believes it is vital that children are given the independence and freedom to explore their curiosities within a purposeful and safe environment.

When given access to inspiring, open-ended learning opportunities, the possibilities for our youngest learners are endless.


  • Jessica has been an Early Years and Primary teacher for 10 years and has gained experience teaching from Pre-Kindergarten all the way to Year 6.

  • Jessica’s heart lies in the Early Years and she has solely taught EY1 and EY2 for the past 8 years.

  • She has taught in Thailand for a total of 6 years and has also taught children in France and the UK.

  • Jessica joined Shrewsbury City Campus during its second year of operation and immediately felt like she had found the perfect Early Years environment to teach in.

  • She received her teaching qualifications from York St John University and enjoys continuously developing her teaching practice, most recently undertaking Mindfulness and Massage in Schools training.

  • Jessica is extremely passionate about the wellbeing of children. She believes that in order to have the most impactful learning experiences, children need to first and foremost feel happy, comfortable and safe at school.

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