Our Approach

Shrewsbury’s co-curricular programme is designed to allow students to explore their interests and to develop skills outside of the classroom. These opportunities can help contextualise and to reinforce learning in the classroom, and further develop communication, collaboration and leadership skills. They also help to bring balance to a students school experience, serving to enhance their wellbeing and in doing so, benefitting their academic performance.

After School Activities Programme

Co-curricular opportunities are primarily delivered through the school’s after school activities programme, which is open to children from Year 1 (age 5) upwards.  A selection of after school activities is available for children in Year 1 and 2. However, participation in after school activities is optional at this age - no more than 2 weekly activities per activity block to ensure that their child also has enough rest during their busy week. From Year 3 upwards, all students are required to participate in at least one activity per week.

The activities programme is divided into two main streams: 

1. “You-Time!” Activities:

These activities are for students from Year 1 to Year 6. Different activities are offered for different year groups. Activities are offered in “Mind Matters”, “Finding a Voice” and “Lifestyle and Leadership” categories.  Access to different types of activities throughout the year allows students to explore different interests and make new friends outside of class.

  • Mind Matters: These activities develop an approach in which the Creative Arts are appreciated, an international perspective encouraged, problem-solving skills fostered and critical thinking nurtured.
  • Lifestyle and Leadership: These activities develop an understanding of the relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind, and appreciation of both independence and teamwork, the value of community service and leadership.
  • Finding a Voice: These activities to develop language skills, foster self-confidence and assurance in articulating points of view and arguments, and nurture listening and speaking skills.

2. Additional Activities:

These activities are for students from Year 1 to 6 and are provided by external agencies and providers. These are paid activities and parents will be charged and invoiced for their child's participation in additional activities during the term.

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