The CPD (Continuing Professional Development ) of all staff at Shrewsbury is taken very seriously, with everyone from cleaning staff to senior leaders benefiting from opportunities to update their skills on a regular basis.

Following the example of our Riverside campus, the majority of regular training will take place on site via scheduled INSET sessions and visits from guest experts,  but many staff will also attend meetings and courses in venues around Thailand and other countries in Asia. Occasionally staff members will fly to England or even America for key courses, such as training for the Harkness Method, which takes place at Exeter College, Boston, USA. Trainers from the UK and elsewhere also come to Shrewsbury's Bangkok campuses to lead training with select members of staff.

There will be a weekly inset session dedicated towards CPD, taking a variety of formats. This could be a chance for staff to cascade information or activities they have experienced having attended a course, or an opportunity to develop a key area of the curriculum. Typically these will be workshop in style, encouraging staff members to think deeply about their practice, constantly thinking about how they could do an even better job. Staff are also encouraged to take part in Webinars as well as other reflective forms of development such as Mindfulness seminars.

Through the work of staff at the Riverside Campus, Shrewsbury Bangkok is an active member of both the Bangkok Teacher Network (BTN) and FOBISIA organizations. Through this we have developed strong links with other schools in the region, opening up further chances for CPD, through reciprocal visits and shared training.

One of the key principles of both BTN and FOBISIA is to offer affordable opportunities, often through JAWS sessions (Job – Alike – Workshops) where many attending have the opportunity to lead a session on a particular expertise as well as learn from others doing a similar job to them in a different school.

The Riverside Campus has recently hosted JAWS sessions for Teaching Assistants (BTN), attended by over 300 people, Early Years Professionals (FOBISIA) and MFL practicioners (Open). Other agencies such as Dragonfly and the Knowledge Source Institute host regular courses in Bangkok which have been well received by staff members attending. 

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