I want to delve into a topic that is fundamental to the growth and development of our students - ‘Curiosity’ - our value for this month. Curiosity is not just a trait; it is a powerful tool that can shape the way our children learn and interact with the world around them. It represents a thirst for knowledge, a desire to explore, question, and understand, and it is a cornerstone of intellectual growth and lifelong learning.

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We started this month with our Fully Booked Week, where we grew curiosity through reading. We explored topics unfamiliar to us to broaden our horizons, as well as delved deep into our reservoir of knowledge through books. To add to the fun, we brought books to life by dressing up as our favourite book characters, unleashing our creativity and imagination.

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The British Science Week was also dedicated to the most curious of minds at our school. Children and parents teamed up to make their science experiments on topics that interested them and proudly presented their findings to teachers at our annual Science Fair. We are really proud of how they have worked hard to explore and discover for themselves.

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During our assembly, Year 6 students shared the story of one of the world's most famous figures, and a distinguished alumni of Shrewsbury School UK - Charles Darwin. His insatiable curiosity led him to discover one of the most groundbreaking theories in scientific history, ‘The Theory of Evolution,’ which continues to stand the test of time. This narrative has inspired our students to pursue knowledge with enthusiasm.

Curiosity sparks creativity, innovation, and a love for learning that goes way beyond just academic performance. As educators and parents, it's our job to nurture this curiosity in our children, for it is through curiosity that they unlock the door to endless possibilities and grow into confident, inquisitive individuals ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Amanda Dennison


This February, we dedicated the month to the value of Friendship. It has been heartwarming to engage our students in exploring the meaning of friendship. We asked our children what friendship means to them and what makes a good friend. Their responses were both insightful and adorable, showing a genuine interest in understanding these aspects of human connection.

But it's not just talk; we've always been living the friendship vibe at Shrewsbury Bangkok City Campus. Regularly, our friends from Shrewsbury Bangkok Riverside often visit us, and we likewise visit them. We made friends across the campus, bonding as the Shrewsbury family that lasts a lifetime as Shrewsbury alumni.


Sports events at school also become platforms not just for competition but for the celebration of friendship and sportsmanship. It's not about winning or losing; it's about the relationships forged on the field that matter most. Our students learn that the true victory lies in the bonds they create with their fellow athletes. It’s about teamwork, respect, and having fun together.

Celebrations this month, like Lunar New Year and International Mother Language Day, reinforced the idea that friendship is a universal language. Regardless of the cultures we represent or the languages we speak, our friendship goes beyond. It’s about how we connect, not  the words or traditions we use.


Valentine's Day took a heartwarming turn with the 'Sharing the Love Charity Bake Sale,' organised by our amazing SP (Shrewsbury Parents Committee) and our Class Representatives. This day reminded us that love celebrates friendship and on that afternoon of 14th February, our campus was filled with laughter and joy. We also raised a total of 47,036 baht from the bake sale, which we donated to Second Chance Bangkok - one of our partner charities.

Speaking of charities, this month we were also involved in many charitable causes. From learning about community spirit works to donating toys to the Mechai Foundation, we showed that friendship isn’t just about us; it’s about reaching out to support and help others beyond our community.


In closing, let me leave you with one of my favourite quotes to highlight the spirit of friendship: “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.” – Douglas Pagels

Amanda Dennison


In the beginning of 2024, ‘Optimism’ takes centre stage as our school’s value of the month. This timely focus on optimism aims to fill the new year with a positive outlook, fostering hope and confidence in our community.

In our assembly, our teachers shared valuable strategies to develop and maintain an optimistic mindset. These techniques are not only beneficial for our students but are equally relevant for us adults as we navigate the challenges of daily life. Let's explore these strategies together.

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Practise Gratitude: Take a moment to reflect on the things you're grateful for. Shifting your focus towards the positive aspects of life can significantly enhance your overall perspective.

Positive Affirmations: Challenge and overcome negative thoughts by incorporating positive affirmations into your daily routine. These empowering sayings can reshape your mindset.

Focus on Solutions: Instead of dwelling on problems, direct your energy towards finding solutions. This proactive approach not only empowers you but also boosts your optimism.

Surround Yourself with Positivity: Spend quality time with individuals who uplift and support you. Positive social interactions can profoundly impact your outlook on life.

Mindfulness and Meditation: Embrace practices like mindfulness and meditation to stay present and reduce stress. This enables you to perceive situations more clearly and with a positive mindset.

Set Realistic Goals: Establish achievable goals and work towards them. Accomplishing these goals provides a sense of fulfilment and contributes to an optimistic outlook.

Learn from Setbacks: View setbacks not as failures but as opportunities for growth and learning. This perspective shift can be transformative in fostering resilience.

Healthy Lifestyle: Prioritise exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate sleep. A healthy lifestyle contributes to an improved overall well-being and a more positive outlook on life.

Limit Negativity: Reduce exposure to negative news or any other sources that excessively bring down your mood. Protect your mental well-being by carefully selecting your media consumption.

Seek Support: If maintaining an optimistic outlook becomes challenging, don't hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or professionals. Sometimes, a helping hand can make a significant difference.


Remember, fostering optimism doesn’t mean ignoring challenges or pretending everything is perfect. It involves approaching difficulties with a positive mindset and actively seeking solutions. It's a practice that requires time, but gradually adopting these habits into your life can lead to a significant positive transformation.

I have been very optimistic with my trip here to the UK, meeting candidates that are passionate about education. 

Stay positive, stay hopeful!

Amanda Dennison


The festive spirit enveloped Shrewsbury City Campus throughout the month of December, transforming our school into a hub of Christmas celebrations. For us, Christmas is not just a season; it's a time for peace, resonating with the core values we hold dear.

There's something magical about Christmas that warms our hearts, and this enchantment is amplified when our sweet children serenade us with delightful Christmas carols. The school resonated with festive music and captivating performances, each song carrying a profound message that stirred the depths of our emotions.


Light a candle for peace

Light a candle for love

Light a candle that shines all the way around the world

Light a candle for me

Light a candle for you

That our wish for world peace

Will one day come true!

This heartfelt song is a favourite among our students, and we join together in singing it during our Christmas celebrations.

Our commitment to the value of peace extends beyond reflection; it manifests in action. Our Community Engagement Team worked tirelessly throughout the month, collaborating with partner charities for various Christmas appeals. One notable initiative was the Christmas Shoebox Gift Appeal for Second Chance Bangkok, where we filled gift boxes with toys, stationery, and snacks to bring joy to the children in the Khlong Toei Community. We also joined the Christmas Food Drive, collecting essential food items for Scholars of Sustenance. This initiative aimed to provide support to remote communities, low-income areas, and preschools during the festive season.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed generously to these initiatives. Your donations have made a significant impact, spreading joy and warmth to those in need during this special time of year.

As we bid farewell to December, we carry the spirit of Christmas and the values it represents into the new year. Together, let's continue to light candles of peace, love, and hope, fostering a world where our collective wish for lasting peace becomes a reality.


Amanda Dennison


I want to take a moment to reflect on our November focus that echoed through our school all month – courage. Courage has been more than just a word; it's been the value that has inspired our lessons, assemblies, and was even our special theme with our Shrewsbury UK Board of Governors.

During our class assemblies, we explored courage together. Students asked members from across our community what courage means to them, and the answers, shaped by diverse life experiences, all boiled down to one core idea: courage is about facing challenges despite the fear you may feel….


We have a strong connection with the Shrewsbury UK Board of Governors. In November as always they flew in from the UK for their termly visit. The highlight was 'The Leadership Talk' where our student leaders explored various dimensions of leadership with our Governors – Sarah Canning-Jones, John Clark, and Carla Howarth. 

Allow me to share with you some thought-provoking quotes from our Governors, or you can read the full article here 

"Leadership is not just a position, you have to earn it." ~ Sarah Canning-Jones, Chairperson of Shrewsbury Governor

"Be a good listener, be brave to stand up for what's right, be resilient even when your decisions aren't popular, and always be your honest self.” ~  John Clark, Shrewsbury Governor

"The most important skill a leader should have is to listen and not be afraid to lead."  ~  Carla Howarth, Shrewsbury Governor

The impact of this session was more than just an exchange of ideas. It sparked a renewed enthusiasm for leadership among our students. The insights from our UK Governors not only widened our children’s horizons but also set the stage for their growth as tomorrow's leaders.

Let's carry forward the simple yet timeless principles of leadership – "Listen hard, learn about people, and have the courage to lead." As we move into the coming months, let's keep the flame of courage burning bright.


Feel the Fear and do it anyway.

Amanda Dennison


I want to talk about something that's close to our hearts here at Shrewsbury City Campus - compassion. It's a value we hold dear, and it's something we strive to instil in our students every day. In a world where borders seem to be disappearing, compassion is the driving force behind the relationships we nurture. Our goal? We aim to cultivate well-rounded, empathetic citizens of the world.

One way we celebrate compassion is through our Floreat Award. The word ‘Floreat’ comes from Latin, and it means ‘to flourish.’ This award, which originated from Shrewsbury UK, isn't just about academic excellence or talent; it's about embodying important life values such as compassion and kindness. We give these awards to students who show kindness towards others, whether it's a simple ‘hello, how are you?’ or going out of their way to help those in need. Every act of compassion is highly appreciated and serves as a shining example to other students.


One of our assemblies hosted by Year 6 class was centred around compassion, and they shared a touching story based on Erika Meza’s book 'To the Other Side’ about refugee children who leave their home in search for safety. This beautiful tale reminds us to nurture empathy and compassion. It's a story that resonates with everyone, and our children’s interpretation of it left us all deeply moved.


Compassion also plays a crucial role in our child protection and safeguarding policy. We believe that every child matters, and they all should be loved and protected. We are dedicated to taking proactive steps to ensure the welfare of every child at our school, and continuously promoting this to the wider community as well. Earlier this month, we hosted a Lecture Series for parents and the public, with a focus on child safeguarding. Ms Fiona Betts, our Vice Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead, led the discussion, emphasising the importance of fostering healthy communication, establishing a safe environment, and setting healthy boundaries. 


Compassion is a thread that weaves its way through every aspect of life at City Campus, fostering a safe and nurturing learning environment for the holistic development of our children. Together, we are creating a warm, welcoming, and compassionate place for everyone.

Amanda Dennison


Together we begin our 2023-24 academic year  focusing on the value of ‘Responsibility,’ An important value that lies at the very heart of our school community.

At the start of the school year, we proudly introduced our Heads of School, House Captains, Student Councils, and  Sports Captains. These remarkable young leaders are entrusted with significant responsibilities, representing the voices of their peers as well as leading  the inspiring initiatives that make our student-led school community thrive.


We also observed the International Day of Peace on 21st September. Peace is not just a concept; it's a responsibility that we all share towards humanity. On this day, we dressed up in blue and white, symbols of peace and tranquillity, and during our assembly, we engaged in meaningful discussions and activities centred around fostering peace in our school, the wider community here and in our world.

Throughout our campus, we celebrated the cherished Thai tradition of Wai Kru with great reverence in the first month of term one. This tradition provides our students with a heartfelt opportunity to express their respect and gratitude to teachers. Teachers who nurture young minds with care and dedication, shoulder a tremendous responsibility, for they impart not only knowledge but also life skills that will shape our students' journeys for years to come.


For parents, we started the year with a meeting of our Shrewsbury Parents (SP) Committee and Class Representatives. Parents bear the responsibility for the well-being of their children both within the school and beyond, and by working collaboratively with the school, we can ensure that all our students are in capable, caring hands.


This year, we are also delighted  to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Shrewsbury Bangkok. Originally founded in 2003 at our Riverside Campus and expanding to our City Campus in 2018.  We take our responsibilities across our ‘One school, Two Campuses’ very seriously and remain highly committed to our mission and values, which are encapsulated in the phrase ‘Inspiring Exceptional People’. Our values, ‘Outstanding Opportunities’, ‘Care and Compassion’, and ‘Reflection and Renewal’, continue to firmly shape our journey into the future.

Responsibility is more than just a value; it's an important  cornerstone underpinning  our shared journey.


Amanda Dennison


The end of the year is a bittersweet time of graduation and transition for many Shrewsbury students. Bittersweet because of the immense pride and nostalgia we feel as we wave goodbye to our Year 6, who are about to embark on the exciting journey of secondary school at the Riverside campus.

Our EY2 children are taking their first steps into primary education Key Stage 1, and our Year 3 are now fully equipped to move up to Key Stage 2. It has been a long year of development, effort and achievement in which we have seen them all grow into more holistic members of our community and our world.



This week, we all celebrated a heartfelt moment at the Year 6 Graduation, where they gave us talented musical performances one last time and we watched the Year 6 children grow up on screen, from founding members of City Campus in Year 2 up to their best moments this year. What a lively, hard-working and memorable cohort. They will be dearly missed. Yet, we all foresee amazing things for them at Riverside and cannot wait to see their fantastic achievements on our visits in the next few years.


Well done to all of City Campus. I am immensely proud of all of you. Have a wonderful, well-deserved holiday. 

I’ll see you all in the new academic year full of energy, enthusiasm and Shrewsbury Spirit! 


Amanda Dennison



I am thrilled to take a moment to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our talented students over our 5th year in operation. From academic accomplishments to artistic endeavours, from sporting triumphs to personal growth, each child's journey is a testament to their immense potential and the unwavering support provided by our teachers and parents. These achievements not only showcase their passion and dedication but also highlight the nurturing environment we provide for their holistic development.

Every week, at our recitals, assemblies, and sporting events, we bring our children on stage to celebrate their hard work and talents. They have excelled in the arts, participating in poetry, music, and film competitions. In sports, they have made a name for themselves as tennis, football, and basketball players, swimmers, figure-skaters, and horseback riders.


We also hosted our termly Floreat Award afternoon tea last week. The Floreat Award acknowledges the strides our students have made to become kind, positive, and inspiring influences in our community and how they have flourished in their interests. Sixteen of our wonderful students received the award this term. Our UK Governors, who were our special guests, and I praised them for their contribution and positive influence in our community.


We also celebrated another momentous occasion, our Primary School Speech Day and Prize Giving. We came together to recognise and applaud the remarkable achievements of our children. This has been a day of immense pride and joy, as we acknowledge the dedication, perseverance, and talents of our young students. It was my pleasure to award students for their Academic Excellence, unwavering Diligence, outstanding Commitment to Speaking English, exemplary demonstration of Global Citizenship, exceptional expertise in Physical Education, extraordinary talent in Music, and the Principal's Awards. 


Well done, City Campus!

Amanda Dennison



What a great couple of weeks for sports at City Campus! 

Our fifth year  has truly marked a home run in our sporting achievements, thanks to our hard-working athletes who have been training all year. 

Last week, our newly established FOBISIA team of 24 students went away to spend four nights in Chonburi and gave their all in the FOBISIA Primary Games! They returned triumphant, with a new trophy for the cabinet and many, many medals. Most importantly, we have heard they had lots of fun playing the sports they love and making new friends with children from the seven other international schools from Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Brunei. Also one of our students was voted Most Valuable Player by the event organisers, proof of our students’ skill and good sportsmanship. 


Our Shrewsbury swimmers have also been going from strength to strength this term. A couple of weeks ago, we brought home 3 first-place trophies from the Storm Cup Swim Meet at Shrewsbury Riverside, after competing against ten other schools. Many of the youngest in school Years 1-3 had their first-ever swim meet last week, at the Mini Marlin Mayhem at St Andrew's Sukhumvit. It is thrilling to see them embark on their swim journey and achieve their first personal best, with many to come as they move through the school. 


It was only fitting, then, that we provide our swimmers with the great honour of meeting Paralympic gold-medal winner Ellie Simmonds and her coach Billy Pye this Friday. It was such an inspiring moment to see our young swimmers meet a world champion who earned their first gold medal on the global stage at the age of 13. They were encouraged to ask questions and learn about the sport and the Paralympic Games. This Saturday some of our students will be able to attend a Swimming Masterclass by Ellie Simmonds to inspire and advise our swimmers to achieve their dreams in the pool.


Amanda Dennison



We pride ourselves on our close-knit community here at City Campus. It is one of our top priorities that children, parents and teachers work together to support the children’s learning and to make our school a warm, safe and fun environment.  

I thank our teachers and department leads for hosting Shrewsbury’s flagship Tea and Topics this academic year, as well as numerous Parents in Partnership events. These events have been a fully-booked success, where we have cemented the parent-teacher bridges to help support the children's learning, well-being and development at school and at home. 


Parents are a child's first and most important teacher; our partnership events are sought-after by parents looking to learn parenting and teaching strategies to boost their education from home. 

Our Shrewsbury parents are wonderfully involved in our on-campus life, volunteering as Class Representatives and for the Shrewsbury Parent Committee (SP) which we can all agree that their establishment was a great milestone for City Campus. Their hands-on approach to organising events for the City Campus community is really something special. I am sure none of us will forget the many activities hosted and sponsored by our SP such as the Christmas fair, Chinese New Year, Songkran festival and many family-oriented activities such as Parents Football, Family Golf Day and many more to come for us to enjoy together this year! 

20230401 SHREWSBURY Parents Football -422.jpg

As they say, "It takes a village to raise a child," and we all at City Campus believe that a child's success lies in the active and positive participation of both parents and the school.


Amanda Dennison



We are now back for Term 3, which is the last term for this 2022-23 academic year. I'm delighted to see everyone refreshed and full of positivity, ready for another eight weeks of excellent learning, including exciting curriculum activities and theme days, shows, sports, and other special events.


It brings me great pleasure to see all of our City Campus children grow academically and emotionally throughout the year, going from strength to strength in their work, personal and extra-curricular lives. In the blink of an eye, they'll be transitioning to a new year group, especially our Year 6 students who will begin their next chapter in the Senior School at our Riverside Campus. 

City Campus is experiencing remarkable growth in numbers, with new families joining us every term. Together, we are creating a caring community that fosters growth and development.


Growth is a natural part of life, and it occurs in different ways throughout our journey. As children, we grow by learning little by little, exploring the world around us with curiosity and wonder. As teenagers and young adults, we grow by experiencing more and more, making mistakes and learning from them, trying new things, and taking risks. And as we enter adulthood, we continue to grow by reflecting on our lives and experiences, learning from our successes and failures, and striving to do better.

From young children to adulthood, the growth journey is exciting. It involves navigating new challenges, building meaningful relationships, discovering our passions, and shaping our identities. This growth is not always easy, and it can come with setbacks and struggles. However, it is through these challenges that we develop resilience, strength, and a sense of purpose.


As we grow and evolve, it's essential to stay grounded in our values and beliefs while remaining open to new ideas and perspectives. By doing so, we can continue to learn, grow, and contribute to our communities and the world around us. So let's embrace the journey of growth and celebrate the incredible potential that lies ahead of us.

City Campus, we’ve grown from strength to strength!

Amanda Dennison




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