TERM 3 REVIEW 2019-20


The school’s Thai Studies teaching team made sure that students did not lose any progress in their Thai. Kru Earl, Kru Anna, Kru Bo and Kru Pen used Zoom, video clips and other study materials to keep children immersed in Thai language and culture, through storytelling, art & crafts, cooking and other creative methods. 

Whilst learning at home, students continued with their speaking, listening, reading and writing, in accordance with the school’s Thai curriculum. Children continued to work on their vowels, constants and sentence structures, as well as exploring Thai literature, poems and proverbs.  

In keeping with topics that may be useful to know about, our non-Thai students also focused on how to describe symptoms to their doctor, how to ask others for help, and how to describe what they like to do during their weekends. 

Kru Earl, the school’s Head of Thai Studies commented, “Learning at home has shown us new and creative ways to teach Thai. We can see many improvements in all of our students in many different ways possible, whether it is on their reading skills, writing skills, speaking skills. The enthusiasm of our children, the cooperation and understanding from parents and the skill of our teaching team has been a strong combination for us!

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