TERM 3 REVIEW 2019-20


From EY1 up to Year 6, children have been keeping active through their PE and Swimming lessons at home. 

Ms Buehler, Mr Silva and Mr Nelson, the school's PE & Swimming teachers, designed a special home learning programme to ensure that students of all ages were continuing to develop in the strength, skill and endurance at home. 

Amongst other disciplines, Year 1 developed their gymnastics skills, Year 2 learned about health and nutrition, Year 3 focused on ball handling through benchball, Year 4 and Year 5 explored netball techniques and Year 6 honed their basketball skills.

For swimming, teachers have been focusing on improving core strength and stability through bodyweight exercises. Children were also asked to reflect on their own swimming techniques through video demonstrations of correct swimming strokes and positioning. Children in the older year groups were encouraged to use the knowledge they had collected to create their own workout programmes to develop the muscles that are used in specific strokes.

Wellbeing was also an important focus for PE at home. With many children likely to spend  more time at a desk and studying in a new way, it was important to provide an active outlet to help us all to loosen those tight muscles and to blow off steam. Ms Buehler, the school’s Head of PE & Swimming, launched a series of daily Wellbeing Workouts to help children, families and the school’s wider community to keep active at home. 

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