TERM 3 REVIEW 2019-20


City Campus is delighted to announce it has been granted membership with the Council of International Schools (CIS). 

CIS is a global non-profit education organisation, whose members include some of the best international schools around the world. To become a CIS member, City Campus was required to its commitment to high quality international education, through a rigorous evaluation process. 

During these restricted times, City Campus welcomed Helena Sobulis and Martin Kneath (CIS School Support & Evaluation Officers) to conducted all evaluation procedures remotely, with the school site tour and staff, parents and student meetings taking place via Zoom. 

City Campus was commended by CIS for the rapid progress it has made in a relatively short period of time with growing student enrolments, a broad and rich curriculum, and a range of programs to support student learning and wellbeing.

Other strengths identified in City Campus’s Member Evaluation Report included:

· happy students who hold their teachers and peers in high regard

· dedicated, caring and supportive staff who are passionate about learning and teaching.

· a positive school environment that fosters student learning and wellbeing through a culture of care throughout the school

· an admissions process was effective in identifying students who had a 'spark' in them, and who had an eagerness to learn.

· students who take responsibility for their learning in a way that ensures that they are engaged and challenged in their learning.

· a positive culture between staff, parents and students which in turn promotes high levels of openness, fairness, trust, and mutual respect.

· recruiting high quality staff in keeping with the best interest of students, which have helped to successfully establish the school.

· design of outstanding facilities which allow for open, flexible, collaborative and imaginative learning.

· opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills in specialist areas, such as expressive arts, design and technology, and a range of sports.

The Principal was also specially commended for her role as Founding Principal at the school, with CIS observing that Ms Dennison had been “instrumental in establishing the new school and a positive school climate that has supported the school’s notable growth and development in a relatively short period of time.”

The key observations and commendations from CIS provided an encouraging reflection of the ethos that City Campus has built since it opened its gates in 2018. The happy, caring and inclusive nature of the school's community remains a key foundation for students to develop in both academic and character. 

The Principal shared, “We are delighted with the outcomes of our CIS recent visit - for the recognition given to our children for their ‘spark’, to our parents for their openness and trust and to our wonderful staff team for their strength and commitment to ensuring the children learn creatively in a positive nurturing environment. As has been said at Shrewsbury for over 450 years, ‘if the heart is right, all will be well’”.

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