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982 Rim Klong Samsen Road (Rama 9), Bang Kapi, Huai Kwang, Bangkok 10310. Thailand 

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Dr Wattana and Khun Natcharom, mum and dad to twins Katniss and Katness (Year 2) are founding parents at Shrewsbury City Campus. The family share their love of the close-knit community at City Campus. They also celebrate the rapid progress they have seen in their children's English, Thai, Mandarin and mathematics skills, since the girls began at the school in Early Years 1.   

Tell us more about your family
I (Dr Wattana) grew up in Bangkok until the age of 10, and from then went to boarding schools in the UK. I completed all my medical training, and specialist training in the UK as a neurosurgeon and a spine surgeon.

I also spent some time in Sydney, Australia, for further subspecialist training in brain vascular surgery, before returning to Bangkok. I am currently practising at Ramathibodi Hospital, a University teaching hospital in Bangkok.

My wife grew up in Bangkok and has a background in business and marketing. She had worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, prior to becoming a full-time at-home parent. She now also runs her own company making organic products.

Katniss and Katness are twin girls aged 6 and currently are in Year 2. They are both founding students who joined City Campus in at the start from EY1.

What hobbies do you enjoy as a family?
Our family likes to travel within Thailand and abroad, to explore the world and learn about other people’s cultures and ways of life. As a family, we very much enjoy skiing and tennis, and many outdoor activities.

Katniss and Katness are keen swimmers, and often travel to the seaside and spend some time snorkeling, and they also like to go to the park to cycle with friends at the weekends.

Katniss is infatuated with cooking and loves to help in the kitchen. She also likes to explore nature and visit different farms in the countryside. She is very fond of animals, including insects, wild-life animals and sea creatures.

Katness on the other hand loves to sing, paint and draw, and make crafts. She spends a lot of time designing and creating many different objects and making paper origami, and decorating things around the house.

What will you be doing during the Christmas holidays?
We plan to travel to Khao Yai and Phuket for the Christmas holidays, but on Christmas day, we very much look forward to our Turkey Christmas dinner with our family and relatives.

What do you love about City Campus?
We love City Campus, simply because this school is a happy place for our children. Katniss and Katness are always excited to go back to school, especially after the holidays and lockdown periods. We have not ever seen a single day when Katniss and Katness did not want to go to school. Every morning, Katniss and Katness get up full of energy, raring to go to school to meet their teachers and friends. They both love all their class teachers and classmates from EY1 to Year 2.

City Campus has masterly created an environment that is both conducive and so much fun for younger children to learn. What we love most about City Campus is that all the teachers and staff, and the modern facilities that the school has to offer are totally dedicated to younger children’s learning, providing them with the best possible start in life at the time they most need and opportunities to foster them into exceptional people.

The Forest School area next to the Early Years Hub is a very unique and important feature of the school, allowing younger children to explore and learn about nature and its ecosystem, and to have some global awareness on climate change. It will be impossible to match this location with another in central Bangkok, that can provide such a setting and space for children to explore and experience nature first-hand.

There is also a close-knit community at City Campus amongst parents. A strong sense of belonging that we can feel proud to be part of the ‘Shrewsbury City Campus’ family. We are one big family where parents can support and help each other, whilst always welcoming new families into our community.

How have you seen your children benefit from a Shrewsbury education?
We have seen dramatic changes in both our children’s progress in these early years of their life (from EY1 up to Year 2 thus far) at City Campus. There has been a rapid pace in their progress particularly in language skills (English, Thai and Mandarin) and mathematics.

We particularly feel that the school has done a superb job and doing the best to encourage and infuse our children, with a language-rich environment to attain language skills at such a young age. With close guidance, monitoring, and cultivation, our children have developed their joy of reading, writing and speaking in different languages both on-site and at home (with their homework).

We have also seen our children becoming more confident when speaking in public and expressing themselves during school activities such as music and sporting events. In addition, the school has made a focus for younger children to develop independence in their thinking, decision-making, motivation, and to take on certain responsibilities and roles such as School Councils, House Captains, and Student Heads of School.

Furthermore, at City Campus, the school has made tremendous efforts to emphasise the value of social integration, the value of kindness and helping others in need, learning about global awareness and how to protect the environment, and learning to respect and embrace people of different cultures and beliefs, whilst retaining their own identities, religious beliefs and Thai traditions.