Every year, Thailand's most extensive English library sets out to find the next prodigal writer by promoting its literary competition - The Neilson Hays Library Young Writers Award. Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, City Campus, are pleased to announce that one of our students - Bella in Year 6 has made the final cut!

Despite stay at home protocols, many entries originated from City Campus. Although they were all of a high standard, Bella's 'Lemon Boi' was identified as a standout read.

Using the 2020 Theme 'Life', Lemon Boi portrays a heartwarming tale about a yellow lemon who longs to be red. Readers are taken on a transformative journey in which Lemon Boi tries out different identities and appearances. Ultimately, Lemon Boi realises that he needn't be red or anything else other than what he is.

Teacher Librarian, Ms Donna Stephens, says the students and staff at school are very proud of Bella and that her message is a lovely sentiment.

"Bella's moral in 'Lemon Boi' is that we must learn to be ourselves and not try to fit into any particular box. I believe this is one of the most important 'Life' lessons people can learn. Everyone should read 'Lemon Boi'," she exclaimed.

As per the rules outlined in the competition, Bella could not call upon any adult assistance to write her book. She was also required to write around 500 words which is a mammoth task for any Year 6 student, let alone many adults! Whatever the outcome, we think Bella has done a fantastic job and filled the brief perfectly.

The final awards ceremony will take place on 6 June 2020 at the Neilson Hays Library with 1st prize awarded 10,000 Baht. Good Luck, Bella!

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