Report by Gift, Qing Qing, Bella and Homey 5CH.

We went on a really exciting visit to Khao Yai in Term 1. We were away for three days and two nights. We had a wonderful time on the trip, and we made lots of memories. 


We went on a 3km hike up a huge hill and saw loads of leeches which we had to protect each other from! We wore giant leech socks that came up to our knees, but they still crawled up our shoes!

We stayed in the dorm rooms with our friends and went to sleep very early...not really!

We played games with our friends from Riverside had lots of fun. We especially enjoyed the low ropes course because you had to balance and it was hard!

We ate some yummy food at the BBQ. We roasted delicious marshmallows and got gooey fingers. We watched each other perform in the talent show. We were especially proud of Homey for taking part.

One of our biggest challenges was building waterproof shelters….that weren’t very waterproof at all! Poor YuSin got soaked!


On the way back home, we listened to Mrs Hill’s story about Shep the Sheep. We heard how our whole class helped to rescue him from Khao Yai! Overall, we had a fantastic trip and really enjoyed making new friends and persevering through difficult but fun tasks.

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