Shakespeare, creativity challenges and moving up.

It has been a memorable Term 3 for Year 6, not least because they have been preparing to graduate from City Campus and take up their guaranteed places at Shrewsbury Riverside. 

Despite spending the majority of their final term at home, Year 6 rose to the challenge of learning in new ways. Students and teachers continued to work through the Year 6 curriculum, with reports that the children made particularly good progress with their reasoning and problem-solving skills in Maths.

An enormous amount of reading throughout the homes of our Year 6 students. As well as reading for fun, the children also studied the Shakespearean classic of Romeo and Juliet. The children developed their understanding of different themes that the famous playwright chose to include. Understanding the characters and the motivation for their actions allowed students to analyse the play with confidence and express their own opinions on the text. Year 6 went on to learn about the features of playscripts and wrote their own plays to retell the story. Then, they made animated videos of their plays, which by all accounts were rather dramatic!

Building on their Shakespearean studies, students learnt all about the architecture and design of play performance spaces in their D&T lessons. Ms Holland, the school’s specialist D&T teacher tasked the children with making their own model of London’s Globe Theatre. The students’ creations were extremely impressive (pictured model by Nun 6CH).

Year 6 also took advantage of the Conversation Circles concept, which was led by a wide range of teachers from across the school. Students discussed their successes and what success means to us, alongside many other topics of conversation.  

Within their virtual classroom, Year 6 students also enjoyed the various creativity challenges which were set by the school’s Art Intern, Ms Georgia. These open-ended activities meant that everyone could showcase their unique art ideas, proven in point by the many different results there were for every task.

Mrs Claire Hill. Year 6 Teacher shared, “Year 6 have done amazingly well! Their enthusiasm, confidence and effort have continued despite our move to online learning. They really rose to the challenge, completing tasks in unique and creative ways. Many children demonstrated amazing video editing skills and presented incredible projects which went above and beyond my expectations. I am very proud of the commitment they made to continuing their learning during this difficult time.

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