Ocean stories, creativity and courage.

As with all the students at City Campus, it has been a fascinating and different experience teaching and learning online for Year 3. 

From upcycling challenges and experimenting capacity and measurement, to writing ocean stories and keeping up with their English, Maths, Thai and Mandarin, Year 3 responded well in all areas of the curriculum whilst learning online. 

Alongside their home learning programme, the children showed their own unique characters as they got to know each other in new and insightful ways online. Students met each others’ pets, they learnt about their morning routines, they came up with innovative storybook characters, they competed with their favourite football shirts, they asked questions, they produced creative videos to showcase their learning...the list is endless.

Ms Hannah Straw, Year 3 Class Teacher commented, “In a year unlike any other, with challenges and hurdles for everyone around the world, and school education for part of the year presented in a very new, alternative, and innovative format, the children have blossomed. They have demonstrated courage, creativity and have grown in resilience. They have shone brightly in new ways. We are very proud of all our students in Year 3.

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