Our 2020/21 parent survey and parent feedback gave us valuable insight into the expectations and hopes of our community.

Earlier this year, we asked our parent community for their honest thoughts and requested their valuable feedback about our school...and this morning we spoke to parent representatives about the results.
Undertaking research of this nature is an incredibly insightful and useful exercise. It ensures that we continue to provide and improve our service: for our children and their families. 


Some of the most visionary feedback came when we asked parents what they look for when choosing a school; about the most important factors in their decision making process when making such a transformative decision in the life of their child.

We understand that choosing a school is not a quick or an easy decision. And we understand what’s important. That's why such time and dedication goes into teacher recruitment, with only the most professional and most skilled academic, sporting and specialist educators joining the Shrewsbury family. That's why we take such pride in our English national curriculum, in our extra-curricular activities and in the opportunities we offer every single one of our students. 

We work in partnership with our parents to ensure our commitment to growth & renewal, to outstanding opportunities and to care & compassion is always at the forefront of what we do, together.

We nurture excellent students and we enthusiastically develop their interests and passion for learning...

...and we listen. We listen because it helps us continue to provide the first-class education that we're renowned for.


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