Together with our students, teachers, parents and guests, Ex Cathedra filled our auditorium with singing workshops and unforgettable musical performances.

In October 2018, we were delighted to welcome Ex Cathedra to Shrewsbury International School City Campus. Ex Cathedra is a leading singing and musical ensemble based in the UK, and they are passionate about using music and song to inspire children and young people. 

Rebecca, Suzzie, Sally and Rob led workshops with all our classes during their visit, and we finished the week with a concert in our buzzing auditorium.

Our children, our parents, our staff and our guests were truly inspired by the powerful musical performances. Everyone was able to take part. Our children performed a beautiful medley of songs on stage. Our teachers also took to the stage to show off their singing and dancing talents. Our parents surprised their children by learning and singing a song (with actions!). Our school’s auditorium was the perfect place to gather to enjoy a wonderfully musical afternoon!

“I am so pleased and couldn’t be more thankful to Shrewsbury City Campus for hosting such a remarkable event. With all the joy and happiness that day, the school made every minute of our time in the auditorium truly unforgettable.” (Ms. Thaninthorn, Prize 1GH)

“Days after the concert, our little girl is still singing the songs and dancing the routines the wonderful Ex Cathedra instructors taught. I shed tiny happy tears to see how much joy and happiness this has brought to our little monkey.” (Ms. Kanya, Metta EY2EM)

“The Ex-Cathedra concert has become one of my favorite events of the year. It was a joy to see all the children singing and displaying their confidence on stage.” (Ms. Mingkwan, Torfah 2JB)

Music is at the heart of what we do at Shrewsbury City Campus. Our recital hall, our auditorium, our state-of-the-art practice rooms and our specialist music teachers provide plenty of opportunities for our students to develop their musical talents. Here is a testimony from one of our parents:

“Ex Cathedra was a wonderful and heartwarming choral ensemble. I personally believe in healing power of music and we raise our child in such a way. I have sung with her ever since she was in her mother’s tummy, and I continue to as she grows up. I am the fan of 60’s-70’s songs, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Carpenter, John Denver, Cliff Richard, Peter Paul and Mary, etc, so this is what I sing to her. It has made such a difference to her! One day, she went to my hospital and sang  Christmas songs to cheer up one of my patients. He told me that what she did was so beautiful, it made him feel much better. Our family aims to use music to nurture our child to be soft-hearted and to comfort others when they are suffering. We don’t focus on singing competitions or pressure her to practise hard in order to win the prize. We are so proud of her! She loves singing, she sings happily and she sings for others, not for reward.” (Dr. Visutdiphat, Jaisai 3HS)

It has been a pleasure to host Ex Cathedra this term. To find out more about the musical opportunities for your child at Shrewsbury City Campus, please speak to your class teacher. 

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