Year 2 students discover the excitement and adventure of the Stone Age as part of their topic based curriculum. 

Today we sent our Year 2 students on a journey to a place far far away...20,000 years into the past, in fact. 

For six weeks, students have been learning their core curricular and specialist subjects through the prism of the Stone Age. Our topic based learning brings multiple subjects together under one concept, making learning fun, engaging and most of all...memorable! Topics are chosen by students and bring together subjects as diverse as Mathematics, Design & Technology, Literacy and Science under one common theme.


Today, as part of their science and biology module, children participated in an adventure and exploration walk as they learned about ancient animals and foraged for natural provisions - discovering how plants grow, how animals survive in the wild and safely exploring their curiosity about the natural world. It was a joy to watch imagination come alive as children really entered into the spirit of learning and fun. 


Talking of fun...we like to bring it into everything we do and of course we couldn’t miss an opportunity like this for children to dress up in their most authentic stone age creations; children even made their own stone age beads and jewelry in a special D&T class - and we think they looked fabulous! The stone age really does rock!



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