City Campus re-opens and the school is once again able to welcome students onsite. 


After a month of home learning, City Campus safely welcomed students back to school on Monday 1st February with the tremendous support of our parent community. While students had a lot of fun learning from home, with teachers dedicated to the continuation of our core curricular subjects, nevertheless it was an exciting prospect to return onsite.   

Children were enthusiastic and excited as they entered the campus for the first time since Christmas - and the atmosphere was one of celebration. 


Over the following days, children quickly returned to their regular routines, with physical distancing and safe working practices in place.

In the picture below, the Mandarin department enlighten Year 5 students about upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, including the story of this historic event.


For the whole of our first week back, teachers continued to provide a stimulating and fun environment for children to learn, including for Wednesday's World Read Aloud Day. Children got lost in imaginary worlds and exciting adventures. Developing positive attitudes to reading is a great first step towards literary fluency and expression. 


We're so thrilled to have students back on campus and we're very excited about the fun times ahead! 

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