Year 3 immersed in their topic of Endangered Animals. 

How can we build a bridge to help a polar bear cross between two icebergs? How do some of our favourite animals live and move in their habitats? How can we use robotics and coding to move endangered animals to safety?

Year 3 have been studying the topic of Endangered Animals. Their teachers have been giving them all sorts of creative activities to inspire the children in this extremely important topic.

To set the stage, Year 3 transformed their learning base into a indoor rainforest. The children used mixed media to create some artistic pieces for the space, inspired by the famous Tiger in a Tropical Storm painting by Henry Rosseau. Students also went on to design their own posters to raise awareness of some of the key issues being faced by endangered species, and to think about how we can help.

At Shrewsbury, we teach a topic-based curriculum to give intrigue and meaning to all subjects that the children study. Our teachers use real-life contexts to bring learning to life. 

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