The Shrewsbury City Campus community has grown from strength to strength throughout the 2021-22 academic year.


Our Term 1 was the most challenging because we had to do online learning, but we did it very well. Despite our distance, the sense of our loving community was shown through many online activities, including Wai Kru Day. When students were able to return to campus, we celebrated the term with Loy Krathong and ended it with Christmas celebrations.

Term 2 started the 2022 year together with our donation efforts to help those in need, encouraging the value of kindness and compassion in our children. We celebrated Chinese New Year, recognised Mental Health Week, organised Storytime and Book Week and it was super fun! We also launched the Floreat Award series - Shrewsbury’s tradition to honour our outstanding children. We finished the term with a Songkran celebration, as we take great pride in celebrating Thai culture.



Term 3 has been most eventful with so many onsite events, including Science Fair, Bangkok Games, Aquathon, Speech Day and Prize Giving Ceremony, Year 2 and Year 6 graduation ceremonies, Piano International Prize Winners’ Recital, Peace and Harmony Charity Concert, Early Years Summer Show and Parent’s Bake Sale. It has been simply amazing to end the year with so many opportunities and such excitement.


Our Thai and UK Boards of Governors also came to visit City Campus for the first full face-to-face meeting in nearly 3 years. We also received the full report from the Council of International Schools (CIS), which highlighted many of our strengths including our genuine enthusiasm, dedication, and passion for providing high quality learning for students; provision of a stimulating child-centred learning environment; and much, much more!


It's been a good year, indeed. In the 2022-23 academic year, Shrewsbury City Campus will enter its fifth year of operation, and we will be excited to celebrate this milestone with our City Campus community.


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