Our fantastic Mandarin department organised for eighteen City Campus students to enter a challenging international dubbing competition last half term. We are delighted to announce that Amy in Year 2 has been shortlisted for the final!


The Mandarin department has been challenging our students to achieve more than they ever thought was possible this term by creating opportunities to compete in numerous online competitions. These competitions provide a space for the children to showcase their impressive Mandarin skills in a public forum – and their success is a real boost to the children’s confidence in their language ability.

One of these competitions included an international online dubbing contest hosted by The Chinese Bridge, an organisation that holds competitions for foreign students on their mastery of the Chinese language. This is no minor undertaking, as the competition requires not only precise and fluent language skills, but also the power of emotion and use of brilliant acting skills to mirror the character in the video.

Eighteen Shrewsbury City Campus children participated in this difficult competition, and we were so impressed by the confidence, bravery and composure they displayed. This specific competition is popular amongst university-aged students, and yet our children showed no sign of intimidation when they presented their Mandarin skills against much older students. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the children’s certificates which will be delivered following the final judging stage. We are incredibly proud of them all!

Amy (Year 2) in particular submitted a video that was absolutely brilliant. From all of Thailand’s entries to The Chinese Bridge dubbing competition, only five have been shortlisted from primary schools – and Amy is one of them! Congratulations, Amy – we are on the edge of our seats waiting to hear the final results. To watch Amy’s brilliant video, please visit The Chinese Bridge website by clicking on this link:

The Mandarin department is looking forward to introducing more external Mandarin activities in the future that will encourage the children to practise their Mandarin in a fun and engaging way. It is always a pleasure to see our students winning awards, but it is even more of a delight to see their happy faces in class whilst they are learning such a wonderful language.

If you would like to support Amy, you can vote for her fabulous dubbing video by clicking on this link and creating an account with The Chinese Bridge:

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