We are incredibly proud to announce the results of the International Mandarin Dubbing Competition held in 2021 by The Chinese Bridge Organisation. 

In late 2021, our Mandarin department encouraged City Campus students to enter an international Online Dubbing competition hosted by The Chinese Bridge. This organisation hosts competitions for non-native Mandarin speaking students to test their mastery of the Chinese language. 

We are incredibly proud to announce that all 18 Shrewsbury City Campus children who participated, won ‘The Great Performance Award’. 


Entering this competition was no minor undertaking, as the competition required not only precise and fluent language skills, but also the power of emotion and brilliant acting skills to mirror the character in the video. This particular competition was very popular amongst university-aged students, yet our children showed no sign of intimidation when they presented their Mandarin skills against much older students. 


Shrewsbury City Campus also won ‘The Award for the Best Organisation’ and Mr Michael, who advised and supported our participants throughout the process, was quite deservedly awarded ‘The Outstanding Teacher Award’. 

This is an incredible achievement and we are sure you will join us in congratulating, and thanking, Mr Michael, his team, and all of our amazing winners. We are so proud to have such inspiring individuals at City Campus. 


The Mandarin department is looking forward to introducing more external Mandarin activities in the future that will encourage the children to practise their Mandarin in a fun and engaging way. It is always a pleasure to see our students winning awards, but it is even more of a delight to see their happy faces in class whilst they are learning such a wonderful language.

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