29 Sep 2023
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 from Shrewsbury City Campus!
28 Sep 2023
Shrewsbury City Campus: Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow!
26 Sep 2023
Our Poetry Club proudly presents their 'Peace Poem' in celebration of last week's International Day of Peace.
25 Sep 2023
Our Shrewsbury City Campus turned into a vibrant fair during Starfish Swim Meet.
22 Sep 2023
Peace isn't just a concept; it's a commitment we all share.
19 Sep 2023
Parents joined us to hear poems about endangered animals, written by their children during Literacy lessons.
15 Sep 2023
Wai Kru: A Thai Tradition of Gratitude
14 Sep 2023
Early risers unite! Our Thursday Running Club is the perfect way for children to energise themselves before the school bell rings.
11 Sep 2023
Exploring nature in a jar during terrarium workshop.
08 Sep 2023
We marked the start of the new academic year with a House Hustings event, where House Captain candidates displayed their leadership and confidence. Our first House Assembly brimmed with energy, showcasing the vibrant spirit of our student body.
06 Sep 2023
Please give a warm welcome to our Shrewsbury Parents (SP) Committee for the 2023-24 academic year!
01 Sep 2023
Starting our first assembly of this 2023-24 academic year on a responsible note!

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