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Our Teachers

The teachers at Shrewsbury International School know that it is their commitment, dedication and expertise that set them apart. They use their experience and expertise to support and inspire students to achieve their very highest potential.

Our development plans are dedi­cated to bringing quality staff to the school, and to commit invest­ment in the infrastructure, facilities, resources and training they need to deliver the highest quality 21st Century learning experience for our students.

Our teachers understand the role they have to play in shaping success at Shrewsbury and the benefits that new research, thinking and technology have to offer in the classroom and beyond. They are committed to being life-long learners themselves and maintain the very highest standards of teaching by seeking out appropriate professional development opportunities.

At the same time, the individual care and support they provide helps to create an environment where every child feels safe and secure and can thrive; a supportive, compassionate and caring approach which they seek to foster throughout the community, and to instill amongst students in their daily interaction with others.

The expertise we hold as a staff community ensures that where necessary, a variety of individual and specialist learning needs can be identified and supported, including English as an Additional Language (EAL), native language support, special needs education, enrichment and counseling; provisions that help to ensure that every child can enjoy a happy and successful education at Shrewsbury.