• It is my pleasure to introduce our school to you through a collection of words and photographs that capture the special quality of a Shrewsbury education. Shrewsbury, with its balance of tradition and vision, is unique. I have lived and breathed its values throughout my professional career; firstly, at the eminent boarding school in England and, more recently, here in Thailand. These values form... read more


  • Shrewsbury International School is celebrating the start of the new academic year with another set of record-breaking public examination results. Improving further on last year’s previous best results, 70% of the IGCSE examinations taken by Shrewsbury students achieved grade A or above (nearly 3.5 times higher than the UK average of 21.2%), with over 43% scoring the highest A* grade (versus a UK... read more
  • As we begin a new academic year, Shrewsbury International School is pleased to welcome over 40 new education professionals into our staff community. In addition to 29 departmental leaders and class and subject teachers, we also welcome seven teaching assistants, three EAL specialists, two learning support teachers, three gap year students and an intern. Whilst most of our new colleagues hail from... read more
  • Three gap students, Tom Knight, Joe Bell, and Robert Conner, are spending their year at Shrewsbury International School in 2015-2016. They are joined by intern Charlotte Hutchinson, a recent graduate of York University.   In addition to providing some one-on-one tuition, he is looking forward to performing with the School Orchestra as well as singing in Thai and other languages.  Although music... read more
  • From 22nd to 26th June, twenty one students from Shrewsbury International School took part in the global round of the World Scholars’ Cup, 2015. The tournament, which was hosted in Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, featured over 2,500 of the most academically talented students from across the world, each of whom had come through their own regional heats to be there. They took part in a range of... read more
  • On the evening of Friday 19th June 2015, Shrewsbury International School Bangkok hosted its sixth annual Excellence Awards Dinner at the Chatrium Hotel Riverside. The event celebrated the remarkable accomplishments of Shrewsbury students in the fields of Sport, International Award, Music and Drama throughout the academic year 2014-2015. This year’s packed programme of musical performances and... read more
  • Shrewsbury International School is pleased to announce four winners of the Fairbairn Exhibition 2015; Maki, D-Prom, Tiana and Pump. In the individual interview round, students presented their opinions on two articles and responded to questions on the government structure in the UK and examination pressure. The debating round put forward the motion “Should iPads replace teachers”, where to the... read more