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This years’ ‘Fully Booked Week’ has been extra special considering last years’ edition was cancelled. Although not all events have been able to be held in their traditional manner, the school Library team have still put together several great events to encourage the love of reading throughout the school community.

Perhaps the most inspiring event is ‘Share a Book You Love’ - when students from the Senior School take time out of their day to come into classes in the Junior School to read to students. Both groups really enjoy the sessions as they talk about the books they are reading and why they are important to them. The younger students idolise the students in the Senior School, and in every class, you could see how attentive they were.

With a heavy schedule planned this week - students have been asked to dress up as their favourite characters on Monday the 8th of March. Due to restrictions, the school will not be holding a book parade, but many prizes for best dressed and most zany characters will be handed out, and teachers and TA’s will be taking photos on the day.

Over the week, teachers and parents have also been uploading their favourite children’s books with links in the parent portal, sharing stories. Our library monitors in Junior School have also handed out 76 books through their Random Acts of Kindness activity this week, giving students, staff, parents, nannies, and others the chance to have a new book to read. Director of Librarian Services, Ms Stephanie Rous, has been delighted with the school community's response.

“In a digital world filled with videos and games, we need to celebrate reading and encourage people of all ages to put away a device and pick up a book! Fully Booked Week allows us to celebrate reading, favourite characters, and books of all genres. By having reading-related contests, we hope students decide to pick up a book they might not have read yet, or even to revisit one they’ve forgotten in the past.”