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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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Eight months of commitment, dedication, design, and promotion came to an end at the Equity Partnership’s Season 2 awards ceremony. The 11 teams who took part celebrated their entrepreneurial development together. Paring students from international schools with students from provincial schools, all groups gained useful entrepreneurial, leadership, and project management skills - on their journey bringing local products from inception to the online marketplace.

The workshops in Bangkok and field trips that covered Thailand's length and breadth all played a part in enhancing the excellent product offerings that consumers could purchase on sponsor JD Central’s website. Each item has a beautiful backstory that captivated purchasers from across the country - so much so that almost all teams sold out of their initial allocation and continue to make and sell their products. From digital marketing to packaging, each product shows innovative and targeted themes to reach the appropriate market segment. 

A marking rubric that took into account sales, design, teamwork, sustainability and several other factors decided the overall winner. Despite this edition being particularly strong, making the judging challenging to separate the students, a top-three was found. In third, ‘Boarn in TH’ produced a jacket and singlet combination which ticked all the boxes. Tha Nuea Witthaya in Chiang Mai partnership with Bangkok Pattana School produced this effort and the crowd who assembled appreciated their efforts. In second place was team ‘Le Beau’ from Samakom Payapan Thai School and Shrewsbury, who created fashionable bucket hats. However, the judges were won over with the Prada-Style bags made by ‘Lor-Ae’ - a team from Ban Dong Mo Thong School in Sakon Nakhon and Bangkok Patana School.

Head of Outreach at Shrewsbury International School and co-founder of the Equity Partnership, Mr Greg Threlfall, praised all the schools involved. He marvelled at the journey each had gone through from the early planning sessions to design, marketing and eventually judging.

“The Equity Partnership is about collaboration and relationship building between the schools. We have proven that we can create opportunities that will sustain local communities for years to come. We are committed to creating mutually beneficial partnerships and keeping a central element of our Outreach programme. Shrewsbury looks forward to working with the Equitable Education Fund, students and communities in Equity Partnership Season 3.” 


Dr Kraiyos Patrawart, Deputy Director of the government-funded Equitable Education Fund (EEF) and co-founder of the Equity partnership, was visibly impressed by the presentation at Gateway Ekkamai, telling students that their efforts were a validation of the program and its continuation into season 3.

“You guys have proved to Thailand that learning about equity is universal. Society’s problems can be solved by collaboration and acting together. When you unlock the potential of working together across boundaries, amazing things can happen.”

Please visit our Season 2 exhibition now on display in the Morris Forum at Shrewsbury Riverside. Season 3 of the Equity Partnership is already underway. We will likely see new collaborations and more unique products start to take shape at the end of 2021.