TERM 2 REVIEW 2019-20

Students explore the UN's Sustainable Development Goals through art

The annual Junior Art week at Shrewsbury always throws up some real masterpieces to admire and this year was no different as students in each class aimed to create a spectacular piece of art that represented one of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The event neatly aligned with the recent “Youths for Sustainable Development Goals” Conference, which was attended by a group of our Senior School students.

In keeping with the theme students could choose any form of art including painting, sculpture, collage, mosaic and many more, but they were encouraged to ensure the materials used were eco-friendly.

Year 1 students set the bar really high by decorating some interesting cows that were also linked to their Africa topic this term. Each class decorated their herbivores differently, some using old recycled packaging and colourful handprints.

Shrewsbury’s Year 2 artists decided to choose the Global Goals that had made the biggest impression on them: ‘Life on Land’ and ‘Life Below Water’. Students created some haunting paintings about deforestation as well as a vast array of different textured creatures in an underwater scene. Meanwhile, Year 3 had also chosen ‘Life Below Water’ and prepared for the creation by collecting old recycled bottles from school and home. The outcome was a fantastic representation of a fishtail – a nod to the planet’s use of plastic and its effect on the sea life in our oceans.

Sustainable communities was the theme chosen by Year 4 who decided to promote this cause by designing eco-friendly forms of transport with models made from recycled materials. Their creations included solar-powered boats and perhaps more ambitiously, air-powered motorbikes! Year 5 ‘built’ on this idea by taking on the goal of infrastructure and innovation. Their creations show an array of bridges and buildings using materials they found at home and school to avoid unnecessary waste.

Finally, Year 6 used the opportunity to link Art Week to their World War 2 topic by using some sketching techniques to draw real-life models. Teachers put their hands up to be live models dressed as characters from the era. 6DL also made a thought-provoking ‘Peace and Justice’ poster, including a lovely paint-printed peace dove.

Members of the school community will be able to view the works at an exhibition in March.


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