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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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Our imaginative Year 5 students took part in the annual inter-house Balloon Debate in the Recital Hall on 18th June.  Representatives from each of the six Houses became inspirational characters from history, to debate that it was they that should be guaranteed safety in a deflating hot air balloon!  

Tim from Williams House was technology entrepreneur, Elon Musk; Schweitzer House’s Tara  was the charismatic martial arts expert Jackie Chan; Sean from King House was the 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln; Malala House’s Tawan was the iconic 35th US president JFK; representing Mandela House, Brin was artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, whilst Annie from Theresa House became technology innovator and philanthropist Bill Gates.

After some really strong performances the judges decided that JFK had truly risen to the challenge, otherwise known as Tawan from Malala House as the winner. JFK then piloted the balloon to safety, before calling the Coastguard to rescue the other characters.

The debaters confidently shared their powerful, compelling arguments with the judges and audience of Year 5 classmates.  There was also a good dash of humour and many compliments for Head Judge, Chris Seal!

Mr Gardiner, who runs the competition each year said, “Congratulations all the debaters!  They really embodied their characters, carried out brilliant research and gave impressive, confident performances.  Also a huge thank you to everybody who took part in the rounds of debates to choose the house representatives, and to Finn and Pam (5JK) who were fantastic MCs during the debate”.