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111 students secure 477 offers

165 different universities in 9 different countries

61 offers to World’s top 15 universities, 207 offers to world top 100.

25% offers from world top 50 ranked universities

UK offers (306) to 59 universities including  6 Cambridge, 194 Russell Group

US offers (117) to 75 universities including Stanford, Cornell UPenn, Harvard, Berkeley and Columbia  

Shrewsbury International School Bangkok’s Class of 2019 have achieved a remarkable 477 offers from leading universities and colleges around the world.

Offers have been awarded from 163 different universities in the USA, UK, Thailand, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan and the Netherlands, with 61 offers from institutions ranked within the world’s top 15 universities and colleges. 

Offers to StanfordHarvardCornellBerkeleyUPenn and Columbia in the USA, sit alongside 6 offers to the University of Cambridge, 18 to Imperial College London, and 30 offers to University College London. Of over 300 offers to the UK, nearly two thirds are to prestigious Russell Group universities.

Whilst many of the world’s best known universities feature again throughout this year’s offers list, the picture isn’t simply about rankings. Supported by the school’s award winning Higher Education experts, Shrewsbury students have access to an extraordinary range of insights into different university options. They are encouraged to think “outside the box”, and to carefully consider and research university courses around the world that could meet their academic interests and career ambitions, whilst also satisfying their needs and expectations from personal perspective.


It is no wonder then, that the Class of 2019 have targeted such a huge range of university courses this year, reflecting their diverse range of talents and interests that have developed during their time at Shrewsbury. In the USA alone, there are 117 offers to 75 different universities and colleges, including four of the Ivy League colleges and several of the world’s most highly regarded and selective liberal arts colleges such as MiddleburyDavidson and Harvey Mudd


On the offers, Riverside Principal, Chris Seal, comments: “Shrewsbury students and staff can be rightly proud of their achievements in securing places at leading universities across the globe. We know that is not just their exceptional examination grades that have helped their applications stand out. University admissions tutors (and employers alike) are continually impressed by the fine young people who have benefited from Shrewsbury’s complete education.


“The world-leading support that we provide for our students is part of a school-wide landscape that includes open mindedness, committed academic study, and rich co-curricular offerings.  These factors, combined with our ‘best-fit’ approach for university study, are the key to ensuring that Shrewsbury graduates are equipped to thrive in the world beyond our wonderful Riverside campus. 


“Each year we travel to the UK and US to meet Shrewsbury alumni in their university and workplace environments. It’s an important process that allows us to better understand the challenges of transitioning from school to university and beyond, and how we can best support and prepare our current students for what’s ahead. This is part of the unique Shrewsbury offer that provides the pathway into both traditional professions, and emerging industries.

Find out more about some of these exciting offers, the journey to university and what these offers mean to our students, read their profiles here

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