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1922 Charoen Krung Road, Wat Prayakrai, Bang Kholame, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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On Thursday 13th of June, we traveled to Ayutthaya for our residential trip. We were all excited but also really nervous. At about 8am, we went downstairs to collect our bags and went to our coaches. Waving goodbye to our parents, we chatted and the adventure had finally begun!

Once we arrived at the historical city, we dropped our things at the hotel and headed to Wat Thammikarat. While we were walking, we designed our tiles in our booklet. There were many rooster statues but mostly they were ruined because of past wars.

Our time at the hot and sunny temple complete, we went back to the hotel lunch back at the Hotel. I thought that the food was delicious. Then we drove the bus to our next visit, Wat Phra Ram. As we entered the temple, it was really peaceful and calm. Thankfully the weather had cooled a little and there were loads of different spaces to explore. We sketched the beautiful Phra Prang so the beautiful sounds of different kinds of bird.

Next we drove to the Chao Sam Phraya Museum. Entering the museum, we saw lots of ancient treasure inside. There were many valuables things in there. I thought this place was amazing! Before leaving  the Chao Sam Phraya Museum we had a snack at the front of the museum.

At the Million Toy Museum, there were…..many toys. In our booklet we had to find the models of the toys. It was really fun there. I also bought some little models for my brothers.

We went back to eat dinner, move our bags and settle in our room. After the delicious dinner, we did team building in the Conference room, we also did a quiz with our friends and our team won 3rd place. Then we drank some hot chocolate and marshmallows. We got our Ayutthaya t-shirt after that and at night, we showered, brushed our teeth and went to sleep.

At about 7:30 we went down and ate breakfast. Then we left to Wat Maha That. It was really good because we got to see the Buddha’s head in the tree roots. At about 12:00, we ate our lunch and then departed the hotel to Shrewsbury! This trip was really fun and exciting but it was also really nice to be back with my family!