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On Wednesday children from EY1 to Year 8 had a special visitor in school, Brendon Sing from the UK Charity, Shark Guardian, an organisation who aim to develop understanding of marine conservation with a focus on sharks through education, research, and diving expeditions. The day was organised by Ms Gillian Storey, Shrewsbury’s EcoTeam Coordinator.


With EY1 and 2, Brendon taught the children about different species of sharks and marine life, what they eat, and how they move in an interactive session which had the children taking part and having fun learning. Brendon shared images from his diving expeditions of different species of shark found in Thailand and across the world. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different hand signals that divers use to communicate sightings of different species when under water.

Years 1 to 8 enjoyed a more detailed presentation about conservation of marine life and how Shark Guardian work. There were lengthy discussions about shark populations and the impact of humans on their habitat.

Now on his fifth visit to Shrewsbury, Brendon explained why he loves coming “What I love the most is that out all the schools I go to, the enthusiasm here is amazing. The students are always incredibly keen to learn, participate, ask questions and do follow ups. It’s always a pleasure.

“Working with Early Years is fantastic, they soak up everything you tell them! In the past we have done different things such as playing games, dancing, making music and puppets, and reading books. One thing I wanted to do this time was show them different species of sharks but most importantly what sharks eat and dispel the myth that they eat people!

“What is really great about year groups 1 to 8, is that they are much more inquisitive and not afraid to ask questions. They will fire loads of questions which I love because of the interaction, I like that they are so engaged and are thinking beyond the information what has been presented“

The students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive, informative talks and we hope to welcome Shark Guardian to Shrewsbury again next year.