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Year 8 Computer Science Day

At the start of Term 3b, Year 8 undertook fun-filled day of Computer Science activities, aimed at providing students with the opportunity to develop both their computational thinking and team-working skills.

The day consisted of three different activities which the students completed as part of a carousel, including:

  • Robotics: Students programmed ‘Lego Mindstorm’ robots to navigate a course without making contact with the obstacles
  • Escape room: Students were given a bank heist scenario where they had to answer computer science based questions in order to earn ‘money’ from safety deposit boxes followed by a coding challenge to decode a secret message and escape the vault
  • Cyber Security: Students had to complete a series of challenges including decoding ASCII encrypted messages and various Ciphers in order to create a code to diffuse a timed device.

Mr Lynn, Head of Computer Science, said; “The day gave students an insight into the varied and ever-evolving field of Computer Science, as well as its wide-ranging applications. Computer Science is already a very popular subject at Shrewsbury, but I hope that this will have generated even more interest.  I've already heard many students say how enjoyable, informative and engaging the day was which is great news!"


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