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Welcome to the New School Year!


Shrewsbury International School Riverside is delighted to welcome new and returning parents, students, and teachers to what will prove to be a year jam-packed with new experiences, performances, sporting fixtures and academic challenges.

Before the start of term, we held an induction event for 84 new Senior Students, including 19 students who have joined us in Year 7 as graduates of Shrewsbury City Campus. Initially welcomed by Principal Chris Seal and Vice-Principal Rob Millar, the students were then taken on a tour of the school by current Year 11 students and given a range of useful information by their Year group leaders.

Along with new Junior School students and their families who we welcomed to Riverside this week, they will be some of the first to witness the number of projects which were undertaken over the summer break. For instance, the EY Garden has been totally transformed. The space is much larger and full of potential for discovery and exploration. Design Technology has undergone an extensive makeover which is bound to encourage creativity and innovation with every lesson. These projects, of course, are just an appetiser for the grand opening of the new Sports Facility and Senior School building on track for August 2021.

It is all the more joyous to welcome students back to Shrewsbury following the many difficulties for our community in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which forced Shrewsbury and all other academic and commercial institutions to close for almost three months. Some restrictions will still remain so that we are able to ensure staff and students continue to thrive in a healthy and happy environment. In short, some classrooms will still be socially distanced and masks are mandatory. A full set of guidelines have been sent out to parents and we encourage you to read them and become familiar with the current protocols as they could change at any time.

In these extremely trying times, there has been cause for celebration, with our IGCSE and A Level students receiving their exam results. This unprecedented year made the anticipation of exam results particularly difficult for students, however, they have handled themselves and the situation with maturity and grace. We couldn’t be more proud of 2020’s graduating class and wish them all the best in the future. 

In terms of curriculum, the school is pleased to announce You-Time activities are in effect for block one and sports teams are now able to train. Some inter-schools fixtures are already in the calendar so students should prepare for healthy competition to resume yet again. The Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DoEIA) at Bronze and Gold level has also been given the green light much to the delight of those students who invest considerable time pursuing these qualifications. 

In addition, some school events that were cancelled last year have been reinstated with Senior School Production, School of Rock, and the Junior School sports festival, The Bangkok Games, to resume their planning phase in preparation for performances and competition.

Of course, it is important to remember that although the school, Bangkok, and indeed, Thailand are getting back to ‘normal’, anything can change if there is another outbreak and subsequent resurgence of the virus. We as a school will endeavour to keep our community up to speed with all relevant information and kindly request your ongoing cooperation and support in remaining vigilant and following our guidelines.

We wish the whole Shrewsbury Community a safe and successful 2020-21 academic year ahead.

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