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Uniting for those in Need

Student supporting Filipinos affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic


With almost everyone affected in some way by the lockdown caused by COVID-19, one Shrewsbury student is using her own time and pocket money to make a difference for the Filipino community in Bangkok. The last two weeks have seen Kylee Rose and her mother Sandy (who is Filipino herself) get in touch with a local organisation called 'United Filipinos in Thailand' whose members are under considerable financial hardship due to lack of employment opportunities and access to formal support mechanisms. 

To help those in need, Kylee Rose has prepared food packs that include rice, canned goods, noodles, eggs and much more, with one food pack potentially lasting around three weeks per person - so the difference she is making is enormous. In addition, she has decided to add a home-cooked meal to the kit, which has been well-received.

"Filipinos love comfort food, so I thought I would make 'Chicken Inasal'. It is an especially delicious kind of barbequed chicken that should remind them of home. I want the Filipino community to know that the community does care about them, and cooking this food may help with that", Kylee Rose said with a smile.

The Year 11 student, who is starting A level courses in History, Biology, Chemistry and Maths next year says she is missing her friends, teachers and the school in general but that online learning and helping out in her community is filling in her time.

Kylee Rose estimates that around 200 people will come to their next food drive as ‘United Filipinos in Thailand’ have got the word out via social media. She explains that the loss of income resulting from the pandemic has been disastrous, and in these times, it is essential to help if you can.

"I think that it is important to use our resources to help instead of spending the money on unnecessary things. It is during difficult times that helping out the less fortunate becomes even more important. In difficult times, the more fortunate people have less, but the less fortunate have nothing at all."

Kylee Rose's mum, Sandy, is full of praise for the work her daughter is doing is instrumental in keeping people's spirits high.

"I am very proud of her. She is a very giving and kind person. It's impressive that she is doing it with her own initiative and her own allowance too! There can be a lack of understanding and empathy in today's world. It's wonderful that at a young age, Kylee Rose has already learned to share the blessings that she has, with others", she enthused.


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