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Strength & Conditioning: What is it and Why is it important?

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) is the applied knowledge of anatomy and physiology to enhance physical function. Catering for sportspeople in every discipline, Shrewsbury has dedicated S&C professionals who strive to get the best out of every athlete's performance.  To better understand what S&C is and why it plays a crucial role in the P.E curriculum, the team at Shrewsbury have prepared some insight here.
While the knowledge of S&C can be applied to bodybuilding, it encompasses a lot more than merely building muscles. We don’t just want to look in good shape; we want to be in good shape. Most of all, we want to be healthy and stay healthy. 
Apart from getting stronger, S&C also aims to help you move better (with minimal aches and discomforts). Improvements in posture along with the ability to balance and coordinate your limbs allow you to handle your bodyweight better and perform day-to-day physical tasks such as walking up the stairs, bending, reaching and carrying with ease.
This is arguably more important for the long-term health of growing children who may or may not be participating in a whole host of activities. During growth spurts, bones grow faster than muscles. As a consequence, kids may struggle with mobility and coordination. S&C, therefore, serves to help them re-learn movement and grow accustomed to their newly developed stature. For those who participate in sport regardless of age, S&C aims to improve athleticism and injury resilience, both of which contribute towards sports performance and health, thus leading to a better experience.

Sports & Games
Without disregarding the importance of enjoyment, training goes beyond having fun. The real magic of S&C lies in seeing your efforts bear fruit and compound over time. This can be a gratifying, albeit lengthy process. S&C is no magic pill. Yet, the benefits that come with adhering to a carefully constructed training regime makes it a worthy investment.
Training at some point will require some form of structure, purpose and consistency. Similar to brushing your teeth, S&C is a habit, not a one-off experience activity. While sports and games provide instant gratification, S&C requires long-term investments in time and effort for any noticeable benefits. At Shrewsbury, we see S&C as an excellent opportunity to cultivate critical habits such as discipline, commitment, patience and work ethic.
Blood, Sweat & Tears?
S&C, at its core, involves optimizing (not maximizing) training through the application of evidence-based sport science principles. Working smart precedes working hard, and quality is always emphasized over quantity. This involves thoughtful planning and consistent monitoring in accordance with the goals and needs of the individual.
Although high efforts are undoubtedly required at specific points in training, regularly pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion is not only unsustainable but detrimental to both physical and mental health. An appropriate training session should leave you feeling better, not broken.

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