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Sixth Form Chemistry Students Keep Up High Standards


Our Year 12 Chemistry students have been doing some pretty exciting experiments as part of their study into  ‘Moles’ - the unit of measurement for atoms and molecules in a substance.

On this particular occasion, budding chemists were finding the formula of copper oxide in Mr Ben Albery’s class. Performing a method known as thermal decomposition using a combustion tube, the students removed the oxygen and from experimental data were able to make the requisite calculations.

These techniques are integral to completing unit 3 in Year 12, which will be assessed by exam in the latter stages of the school year.

According to the Head of Chemistry, Mr Ben Albery, an A* is notoriously challenging to achieve in Sixth Form chemistry. However, in recent times Shrewsbury students have scored very highly - due in part to their preparation in lab sessions such as these.

“Practical knowledge is essential when it comes time to sit the exam as students have the experience of completing the experiment. The more they practise using the formula - the more likely they are to succeed,” he said.

Mr Albery and his fellow science teachers also have 2021 to look forward to and the opening of brand new, state of the art laboratory spaces for Physics, Biology and Chemistry - facilities that will support the highest quality learning in the sciences, and student pathways to both examination success and their ambitions for further scientific study at university.

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