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Shrewsbury Celebrates Gay Pride Month

In countries around the world, June marks pride month, and we couldn’t be more excited! At Shrewsbury, we are joining the fun, celebrating the joy, the hope and colour. But while this may be an excellent antidote to a year of worldwide turbulence, we also believe in the importance of remembering pride’s history. We want to ensure our students understand the significance of Pride and what it means to be part of this global observance of the fundamental right to love.  

What is Gay Pride?

It started as a protest and a political movement and still, in many countries, Pride is still a continued fight for basic equality. In many others, it is a vibrant celebration due to wide social acceptance and significant legal protections for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s an opportunity to celebrate diversity while continuing to push for greater freedoms of those in less tolerant societies. 

Why Shrewsbury Proudly Stands for Pride 

Shrewsbury is committed to exceptional people, outstanding opportunities, care and compassion for all. With no exception. 

We firmly believe that by nurturing tolerant, open-minded and considerate individuals, we help create leaders ready to take their place on the global stage. We hope that one day a person's sexuality, gender or gender identity requires no discussion or debate and bears no relation to their place in a world based on merit. 

What are we doing?

During June, even despite a continued backdrop of COVID-19 restrictions, we’re proud to host a wide range of cross-departmental pride activities designed to enlighten, engage and encourage conversation. 

Students will have the opportunity to discuss diversity in their very own podcast. There will be baking challenges, blogging and vlogging challenges and an ‘art for humanity’ series of design seminars in which students shine a spotlight on LGBTQ+ artists.

We’ll be posting more information about Shrewsbury pride events throughout the month to celebrate creativity and individuality. Watch this space! 

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