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Shrewsbury Alumna Creates Pen Pal Partnership


Patree (Well) Witoonchart (Class of 2016) was a passionate advocate for community engagement, the environment and human rights during her time at Shrewsbury, and she has continued this legacy in her post-Shrewsbury career. Currently working as an environmental project manager at the Meechai Pattana School in Buriram (sometimes known as the ‘Bamboo School’), Well has organised a Pen Pal exchange between the students at her school and Shrewsbury Riverside.

Mr Stuart Flavell, Year 8 team leader, has recently received the first batch of letters from the students at Meechai Pattana and his own Year 8s, who had been eagerly awaiting them were able to open them.

“The newly established pen-pal program aims to help students from both schools practice English writing, communication, and help form new cross-cultural friendships. We are excited to make this a long-term correspondence,” He said.

Meanwhile, Head of Outreach, Mr Greg Threlfall is keen to have more cooperation between the two schools in the coming months.

“In the past, Year 12 Shrewsbury students have travelled to Buriram in their role as community engagement leaders to learn some of the practices of the Bamboo School - which is quite a unique institution in the Thailand educational landscape. Well and I are currently liaising to reignite this relationship which could lead to students engaging in English, maths and science lessons.”

With the pen-pal exchange underway and more collaboration on the horizon, it will be interesting to see what significant developments arise from the blossoming Shrewsbury-Meechai Pattana partnership.

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