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Shrewsbury Team Impresses Race4Good Judges


As a testament to their strong teamwork, well-researched and organised business planning, and polished presentation skills, Shrewsbury’s Race4Good team placed 3rd in the inaugural FOBISIA Foundation Race4Good competition. 



Race4Good is a leadership programme where students form a team and compete against other schools across the globe to provide solutions that uplift lives in a marginalised community. In this year’s challenge, students worked together to present sustainable and applicable solutions to social issues faced by the La Colline community in Haiti. 


Following a strict budget and with only 10 minutes to present in each leg, students had to present business plans on how to alleviate inequalities in healthcare, energy, and education faced by the community. They were mentored by business professionals Dr Kate McLellan, Elsa Renton, and Petra Deters, who generously shared their insights on business leadership. The competition was judged by a highly esteemed panel including Sandj Wilderspin MBE, Ann McDonald OBE, Gail Holliday, Helen Jamieson, as well as representatives from the La Colline community.



The competition had two challenge rounds and two mid-race challenges. Each challenge gave the team a chance to win points for the leadership board, but more importantly, to have their ideas implemented to support a local family in the community.

Team Shrewsbury, composed of Letty, Krystal, Laura, Muffin, Tresor, Blink, Matt, Vee, and Trio from Years 7 to 9, won the first mid-race challenge with their solar panel project. It is already being implemented in La Colline and will soon give the local school access to digital learning through a sustainable energy source. This exciting achievement means that the team’s innovative solution will benefit the community for years to come. 

During the first-round challenge, the students presented business plans with the goal of providing income that would sustain the family in the long term. Team Shrewsbury proposed an herbal remedy business focused on using local natural resources for public health and self care. The team chose to use herbs that grow easily in the Haitian climate and help treat prevalent diseases. 



The team swiftly moved on to the second mid-race challenge where they proposed a solution to the residents’ limited access to healthcare. They suggested providing first-aid kits to the community on a loan system to lessen the need for a five-hour trip to the nearest hospital. As a result of their thorough research on the community, the team also proposed blood pressure monitoring to help in combating the widespread issue of hypertension. The judges were impressed by their thoughtful solutions and awarded the team 2nd place in this challenge. 

In the final round, Team Shrewsbury presented a plan to improve Science education at the local school by providing a detailed explanation of the benefits of a strong Science curriculum. The team presented a special curriculum designed to allow students to incorporate their knowledge of Science into the agricultural and technological processes of their community. With consideration of their budget, the team also presented school resources to help the students. After three weeks of hard work, the team placed 3rd in this round, gaining them enough points to finish the competition on the leadership board.



Aside from refining their research and presentation skills, the team enhanced their critical thinking and leadership skills as well. Modules on leadership taken as part of the competition were geared towards shaping students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Team Shrewsbury’s success in the competition gave them the opportunity to converse with Race4Good founder and humanitarian Linda Cruse. The students are looking forward to learning how to “be the change” and take their learnings from the competition even further. 

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