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Physics Students Impress with Clever Experimentation


Students in Mr Gettel’s Physics classes are coming up with some incredibly ingenious and creative ways to express their findings to challenging experiments.

In his Year 8 class, budding physicists have been working hard over the last four weeks to plan, carry out and evaluate their own environmental science experiments with a focus on sustainability and environmental impact. This forms part of the Environmental Science unit carried out by all Year 8 Shrewsbury students where they gain awareness for the causes of a variety of issues and their role in finding novel solutions to the issues around us. 

One team experiment carried out by Muffin, Papang and William investigated the factors affecting the efficiency of a solar oven. Meanwhile, Lada, Gor-ya, and Mali showed how the amount of pollution observed changes in different locations around our city. Another video presented to Mr Gettel by  Party, Nick and Tapat investigated how the amount of acid present in water supplies will affect the growth of plants.

Things get slightly more technical in Year 12. Here, groups have taken on the challenge of applying their understanding of projectile motion to some home experiments. All of their videos detailing their exploits have entertained us greatly, including some excellent examples from Titi and Raemon.


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