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Male Sportsperson of the Year

Schaab wins top sports award

After nine years at the school, Year 11 pupil Schaab, has become extremely well-known within the sports department here at Riverside. Spending most of his time on the Basketball courts and Football pitches, Schaab enjoys the sports in particular because of the opportunity they present to represent the school in the different competitions, and especially looks forward to pressure moments at the closing minutes of a match. Schaab’s highlight match this season was against BPS on the basketball court where he took large pride in the team’s victory.

Schaab comments, “Sport is my passion, I love it. But my teammates and coaches mean everything to me. That's what's important. Ask me to play and I'll play. Ask me to lead and I will. But it's not because it’s what you ask of me, but because it’s what I ask of myself. ”

Mr Radcliffe, who supported his selection in this award, added “Schaab was a Varsity player in 3 sports; football, softball and basketball. He is a particularly outstanding basketballer. He's put in a superb effort to improve his fitness this year, training regularly throughout 3 seasons to ensure he can perform at the highest level possible. This year he has also became an excellent left field fielder in softball and a consistent hitter. I look forward to seeing him further his development in Sport next year.”

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