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The Shrewsbury Legacy: Creating Lifelong Learners
For Shrewsbury International School Bangkok student Remika (Remie) Sirikulthada,17, who is part of this year’s graduating class, the culmination of all her hard work the past years is close at hand. Being a product of Shrewsbury through and through, Remie is a walking testament to the excellent quality of education that the leading international school in Thailand provides. 


Remie entered Shrewsbury as an EY1 student and having spent 15 years with us, suffice to say that she has grown from a bright child to an accomplished young adult in our beautiful Riverside campus. Shrewsbury’s reputation for academic excellence is highly evident in Remie’s impressive IGCSE results and predicted A-Levels grades. Aside from being predicted 4A*s, she was also awarded the Sir Martin Rees Scholarship for her outstanding results in the IGCSE examinations.  


Over the years Remie has broken out of her shell and has come into her own. Being a part of the Student Council in her junior years gave her an introduction into leadership. “I joined Model United Nations in Year 8 and since then it has been my favorite club!” she enthuses. “Another proud moment for me was giving my own TEDx talk on ‘The Detrimental Impacts of Social Media,’ and then helping to organize an event the following year.” 


She eventually applied for Prefect and currently holds the role of Deputy Head Girl. “At Shrewsbury, we have a wonderful pathway into leadership positions,” she says. “Seeing the older students as Prefects inspired me to take the same steps so I can support the younger students the same way that I was supported.”


Remie’s passion for community had its spark with the encouragement of her older sister Annika, who graduated from Shrewsbury in 2019 and is currently in her final year at the University of Warwick. “I joined Habitat for Humanity in Year 8 and have been an active member since,” Remie shares. She was also a part of the school's Community Engagement Team in Year 12, where she was able to work with charities such as Thai SOS and the Mercy Centre. “This will always be something I am passionate about, especially as I recognise the privilege I have and know that I can help with these causes,” she adds.


It is admirable that at her young age, Remie’s ambition leans towards service and in responding to a need that she sees in her community. “I want to study Psychology in the hopes of coming back to Thailand and opening a bilingual clinic for teenage mental health as I believe the support for this is currently a little lacking,” explains Remie, when asked why she chose to study Psychological Behavioral Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). 


With the international British curriculum, students can explore their interests and make informed decisions about their future plans. “The IGCSE and A-Levels allow you to explore what you want and then home in on a specific thing,” comments Remie. “For example, I was able to study Drama and other subjects in IGCSE, and then I realised I really wanted to study Psychology, History, and Maths. I was then given the opportunity to explore those for A-Levels before I had to finalise my decision for university.”


“The Higher Education team at Shrewsbury was incredibly supportive throughout the whole journey. I could talk to them about anything university-related. I got to do mock interviews with people in Shrewsbury UK, and my personal statement was shared with numerous teachers so I got to hear their feedback and make sure it was the best it could have been,” says Remie.


Deciding on LSE was easy for Remie, since the course was tailored towards her particular interests in behavioral psychology. Being offered a place in LSE is a clear indicator of the level of preparation it took to enter the highly competitive school.


Although she will leave the grounds of the Shrewsbury Bangkok Riverside, Remie, like all her fellow graduates, will take with her all the learnings and nurturing that she has received. Just as those who came before her, she will pass on the knowledge and wisdom to those who come after, including her two younger brothers Jeet and Jodh who will enter Sixth Form next academic year. This is the Shrewsbury way.


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