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Large Clothes Donation Gives Klong Toey Residents a 'Second Chance'

Shrewsbury teachers and students are to be commended for donating hundreds of clothing items to charity, ‘Second Chance Bangkok’ who serve residents of the Klong Toey community, many of whom are in desperate need of basic necessities.

Organised by Head of Year 12, Ms Rikke Ermgasson, the clothing donation serves two important purposes that are essential to the school’s Outreach programme and sustainability goals.

“A lot of these clothes would ordinarily go straight in the trash which is not ideal as they just end up in landfills. This is unsustainable, especially when you consider many people in our city could put the clothes to good use. Second Chance Bangkok is a great charity, and we are happy to help,” Ms Ermgasson said.

Given the donation's success, a whole school collection is considered as many Klong Toey residents require clean, functional clothes. Shrewsbury Outreach is actively exploring a suitable date.

Representatives of Klong Toey-based charity, 'Second Chance Bangkok' expressed their gratitude to Shrewsbury students and staff who have donated hundreds of clothing items to people in need.

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